Sunday, May 18, 2008

Building the levels

This is the first level of triangles that will sit on the stub walls. Being I don't have blueprints, and I can't find info on how to calculate the placement of the footings, I'm building the base level of the dome. The part sitting on the ground will be sitting on 18 inch stub walls. The stakes will mark where I need to dig for the foundation. I hope to have the whole circumference done by the end of the week.
Being it is lees than 200 square feet and less than $5000 I can bypass the county for permits and inspections.

3rd Load of Free Lumber

So here was the haul from the third trip to Walt's new house. The poor old Mazda is sagging just a little from all the weight. The long 2x4's strapped to the top are 12 and 14 footers! Just have to remove a few nails. All of this lumber was headed to the burn pile before I asked them to save it for me!!! I definitely have enough to frame the whole thing now.

More Free Wood

I went by the building site again today and picked up another load of wood. I'll go back later today and pick up the rest of what they are going to give me. I might have enough to frame the whole thing. We'll see.