Thursday, November 6, 2008

Me playing my guitar.

This is a bit of neoclassical shred guitar. Played, almost, entirely on the B string. This was recorded by Matt Smith (a.k.a. Ray) at the old Studio McKenna.

I've started to teach "rock" guitar lessons this winter. If you like near Camano Island and are interested drop me an email at I'll be teaching everything from the basics to more advanced soloing like this.

Ebay sucks! Long live Craigslist and Etsy!

This is off-topic for this blog for any of you that follow it, but, I have to rant about this one.

Ebay sucks! For those of you that know me, from time to time I sell on Ebay. It is a way for me to make a little extra cash during the slow season at work. Ebay has seen fit in their infinite wisdom to limit how much you, the seller, can charge for shipping. This may seem like a fair practice at first. But, with Ebay's fees being determined by the listing price and the final selling price, it makes sense that the selling price will be lower to compensate for a higher shipping fee. DUH! The smart shopper takes this into account when buying an item from Ebay. For most sellers it is a way to recoup some of the selling fees. Fees that have gone up and up and up.

Today was the first time I have encountered this regulation. I went to sell a set of 2 reel-to-reel tapes that I purchased at a garage sale this last summer. There is a very limited market for these items and at first I tried to sell them individually but had no luck. So I decided to sell them together as a set for one low price. Then came the listing. I slogged through their NEW AND IMPROVED(?) listing system. That is so slow it's like watching paint dry. When I got to the shipping fees section I was not allowed to put this value over $3.00. Now I don't know if Ebay has done ant of their own shipping lately, but it would cost me much more than the regulated amount to ship this anywhere but my front porch.

So as of today me and my 900+ sales and 99.9% positive rating are going elsewhere. Craigslist and Etsy here I come! I'd even stop using Paypal if I could as Ebay owns that company also. But it is so prevalent I don't think I could do much business on the net without it. So for now Ebay still gets their 3.5% of my internet sales. The Bastards!