Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just for the fun of it....

Just for the fun of it I placed the part of the dome I had completed on top of the riser walls. At this point it is about 5 feet tall. And to think I was a little worried about the head room inside.

I just had the idea for modifying the door to have an arch to follow the shape of the dome. I'll have to think about that one. Over in Coopeville there is a resturant that I have taken friends and family to. We usually take the boat over as this is faster than driving across Desception Pass. Inside the resturant is a dorr with a arched top. This has is one of the charms of dining there along with playing chess or another board game.

Riser Walls

Have not made an entry for a little while. But, I have been busy. I've been constructing the riser walls instead of continuing with the dome triangles. With the hubs for the triangles being made of PVC they have a little too much flex and I need it to be solid so I can get a proper placement of the rebar stakes. The walls are first screwed together with 2 deck screws for proper alignment of the walls. Then I add a few galvinized nails to further secure them together.
The riser wall is 18 inches. This will give me enought heigth for a regular size door. Each end of the walls are cut at a 12 degree angle. So the angle difference between one wall and the next is 24 degrees. The pattern for the riser walls is the same as the triangles. It is a B-C-C-B-C-C... pattern until the the circle is complete. Log onto the Desert Domes site for a complete explanation of how this works. Check out the v3 dome as this is the one I am building.