Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Center of the floor joists

Just to show you the center. The rebar is the exactly in the middle.

Floor Joists continued

Here is what the floor joists look like. There is a footing under the center that they all sit on. I also doubled the 2x10 at the outer edge where it get connected to the bracked as it was intended for a 4x4.

Footings and Floor Joists

So I dug holes for the footings and poured the concrete and set the brackets. After that I had a roll of heavy duty black plastic and put that down for weed block. Here is one of the set brackets sticking up through the plastic.

Lazy at posts but not work

So I have been pretty lazy at the posts lately. What can I say. It's summer and it's the busy time of year. So this was what was completed as of July 4th. It's the stub wall that the dome will sit on. I had to do this first so I could find where each of the footings and floor joists will fall.

My wife requested that I move it 10 feet to the north so it is futher away from our gazebo.

You can just make out 11 anchor that I purchased at a garage sale for a whopping $2.00 for all. Pertty good deal being the last ones I found were $6.00 each. I passed those ones by as I felt I could get a better deal at another G-Sale and I did.